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The PartyFriendz Children’s Party Trend Predictions for 2019

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

A new year and lots of exciting parties on the horizon. 2018 brought about the rise of the Superhero theme party, photo booths for kids and slime galore. But what should we expect from kid’s parties in 2019? Here are the PartyFriendz Children’s Party Trend Predictions for 2019 (just don’t quote us on these this time next year if we got them all wrong!):

The Year of The Unicorn:

If you’re a parent and you managed to avoid the unicorn trend this year, then you’re one lucky pudding! (And please, tell us how you managed it). Unicorns were everywhere in 2018, and we don’t expect this to stop anytime soon! In fact, we’re expecting the unicorn trend to seep its way into everything in 2019.

Ombre pastel colours will continue to be a big thing for parties, colouring anything from balloons to food.

Accompanied, of course, by a shedload of glitter – but then glitter has been a top party trend since the year dot!

An Indomitable Disney Duo:

With the release of Incredibles 2 and an innumerable amount of Marvel movies, 2018 was all about the superheroes.

And it looks like Disney aren’t going to give up the number one party theme spot for 2019.

With two huge live action Disney Classic remakes set to be released this coming year, its not difficult to predict what the most popular party themes will be (after all, Belle is still one of the most requested princesses for children’s parties, even a year and a half since the Beauty and the Beast live action remake was released in March 2017). So, prepare to be bombarded with some hefty doses of Aladdin and The Lion King (to be released May and July 2019 respectively) this coming year.

A Slumber Party Level Up:

The slumber party has just gone to luxurious new levels. 2018 has seen the introduction of the teepee party and this trend is currently on the rise.

Like an indoor version of glamping, the teepee party involves each child guest sleeping in their own little tent or teepee, just large enough to cover their bed.

The teepees are often themed and adorned with lights or decorations plus a tray for the individual to place their party snacks and, of course, breakfast the next morning. These parties are a big hit in America and we’re expecting them to be just as successful over here in 2019.

A Couple of Surprises:

Things are going to get a little unpredictable with party food in the coming year. After all, party food has become so mundane in the previous few years; a ham sandwich here, a pizza slice there.

2019 will bring the trend of surprising food – food that isn’t quite as it seems.

Think cupcakes disguised as ice cream cones, a piñata cake that spills sweeties when you cut it open, macarons masquerading as slices of fruit, the list goes on.

A Balloon Bonanza:

The humble balloon has been a party staple since who knows when. But this coming year will be the year where balloons get the VIP treatment. And we think its about time! Gone are the days of hanging a couple of balloons off the gate to mark the venue for your party.

Balloon garlands are the new trend – a large collection of balloons that can be made into any shape and used to decorate any area.

Imagine a ceiling-grazing balloon Christmas tree at your Christmas party, a tropical paradise with full size balloon palm trees, balloon pirate ships floating on a tidal wave of balloons flowing from your treats table. And if you’re wondering what will replace the ‘pair of balloons on the gate’ look in this new balloon garland trend - a rainbow balloon archway adorning the entranceway to your venue will do it, I think!

It’ll All Be Over in a Fortnight:

2017 was the year of ‘The Dab’, 2018 was the year of ‘The Floss’. You will have likely noticed children (and adults) waving their arms around their hips in a mildly amusing fashion over the last few months of 2018.

If you’re thinking the trend will wind down in a month or two, we have a word of warning for you; this was only the beginning.

As Fortnight continues to increase in popularity, more and more of their dance moves are making their way onto the children’s party scene and this is set to grow in 2019. Soon we’ll all be Electro Shufflin’ our Llama Bells until we Take The L with Jubilation.

Frozen Fever:

It’s been 5 years since the release of Disney’s Frozen, and things are finally starting to thaw. The film is no longer on repeat, the store shelves are no longer packed with Elsa merchandise and you’re starting to think the world has finally let it go (sorry!).

But just as the thought enters your head, Disney announces the release of Frozen 2 (November 2019).

Its no surprise then that Frozen has made it into our top trends for 2019. After the snowball effect of the last film, we’re expecting the second instalment to send us into a blizzard of Frozen fever this time next year!

So that’s it. Our predictions for the 2019 kid’s party scene. We’re looking forward to seeing all of these trends come to life (especially that piñata cake!). Let us know your party predictions for 2019 too!


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Written by Laura Hills-Leigh

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