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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Children’s Party

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

If there’s two things we know as a fact during British Summertime, its that kids love to be outside and that it will inevitably rain at some point! But (providing the nice weather holds) there’s nothing more exciting than hosting a children’s party in the great outdoors. Here’s some top tips and tricks to make your next backyard bash one to remember.

Outdoor Children's Party

Set Up:

Hosting an outdoor party means extra space and oodles of fresh air. But it can also come with lots of sunshine and too much heat. So it’s important to keep your young guests safe out there (you won’t be in your friends’ good books if you send their children home looking lobster-red with sunburn!).

Outdoor Children's Party

Shaded Areas:

Make sure to include lots of shady areas for people to take refuge in when needed. Picnic umbrellas work well around seating areas, particularly for when your guests are eating. Tents or dens are also a good addition.

Sun Protection:

Keep sun cream handy (with a high SPF for kids), and make sure to reapply if they are outdoors for extended periods or after they’ve been playing in water. Make sure to forewarn parents that the party will be outside so they can dress their kids for this.

Outdoor Children's Party


Keep everyone hydrated with plenty of refreshing drinks on hand and prepare yourself with plenty of ice to keep everyone cool! Ice cream is a great cold treat for hot summer days. Why not try a juicy watermelon or frozen berries straight from the freezer as a great healthy alternative?

Keep the Bugs Out:

With all that food and drink outdoors, the bugs will likely come swarming! Citronella candles work well to repel the bugs. Don’t forget to keep food covered and try this handy tip to keep those pesky bugs from taking a dip in your drink from Mom4Real!

Outdoor Children's Party Games


Now onto the fun stuff! All this extra outdoor space makes for a never-ending list of exciting activities to play in the sunshine! We’ve put together a bunch of great games you can play for fuss free fun in the outdoors:

Water Balloons

Water Balloons:

Anything water related is always a number one contender for summer parties. But if you don’t happen to have a pool with a water slide hidden away in your back garden, then water balloons are the perfect alternative. Cheap and easy to make, fill your balloons with water, hand them to the kids and watch chaos ensue! It’s also a great way of keeping cool – though perhaps advise them to bring a change of clothes too!

Relay Race:

All the extra space outside means races work a treat! From old school egg & spoon races to traditional running races, there’s no limit to what challenges you could set them. But relay races are a great way of keeping everyone involved (yep, even those kids who wouldn’t be seen dead playing sports!), by taking the pressure off of a single player and encouraging team work. Try it with a balloon as your baton.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunt:

What better way to explore the unknown in an outdoor space than with a treasure hunt? Hide clues and prizes in all the hidden nooks and crannies of your garden for your guests to search out. Or if you’re looking for an easy set up alternative - play a big outdoor version of hide and seek!

Obstacle Course:

This can be easily made from various garden toys such as slides and paddling pools. But if you don’t have garden games, don’t panic! In an obstacle course, anything goes! Try dangling string off the washing line to weave your way through, hopscotch across the paving slabs, or archways of garden cane to crawl under.

Kids with Bubbles


If all else fails, break out the bubbles. Kids love bubbles and hours of amusement can be found with a simple bubble blower! What’s more, playing outside means you don’t have to worry about all that bubble liquid staining your carpet! Check out this simple recipe for homemade bubble solution from the Artful Parent.


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Written by Laura Hills-Leigh

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