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Kids Halloween Craft Party Ideas

If you're not a fan of Trick or Treating, or are looking for a scare-free way to celebrate Halloween with sensitive little ones, we have a spooktacular alternative for you - a Halloween Craft Party.

We've scoured the internet and found a bunch of frighteningly easy Halloween crafts to feature at your Craft Party, perfect for all ages and skill levels, with materials readily available at home or at your local supermarket/craft store. Check them out below!

Looking for Halloween themed party games to feature at your party too? Check out our Hauntingly Good Halloween Games blog.

Homemade Halloween Slime

Halloween Slime

With it’s gloopy, sticky texture, slime is the perfect addition to any Halloween celebration. And not only is slime fun to play with, it’s also fun to make! Plus, with its bad rep for including toxic ingredients, the best way for your kids to enjoy slime safely is to make your own - this way you know exactly what’s gone into it.

This Halloween themed slime recipe is not only Borax free, it’s also simple enough for kids to make too.

Check out the easy 6 step process at Good Housekeeping.


Spider Webs Kids Halloween Crafts

Spiders Webs

Here’s one for the older (or more dexterous!) kids! These spindly spiders webs involve weaving yarn around painted popsicle sticks to create a spiders web effect.

As this craft involves painting and gluing, it may be best to get started on this at the beginning of the party so you can leave plenty of time for everything to dry before adding the yarn webs.

Find out how to put it all together at Buggy and Buddy.


Skeleton Hand Kids Halloween Crafts

Skeleton Hand

But what about crafts for younger kids? If your guest list includes toddlers, you don’t want to exclude them from the fun with fiddly crafts and tricky techniques.

This easy craft uses everyday household items with simple craft methods that makes it perfect for young children and toddlers.

Keep it simple with just a white skeleton hand print on paper, or level it up with Q-Tip pieces for bones too!

Check out more details at Crafty Morning.


Halloween Character Cups Kids Crafts

Halloween Character Cups

This craft is simple enough for kids of all ages to get involved with and can also be adapted to create a variety of Halloweeny characters, which makes it great for parties with a large number of children attending.

Your guests can choose to create their favourite one and compare them with their friends, or use their imagination to create their own unique monster design!

Again, considering the time the paint will need to dry, this craft might need to be set up at the start of the party to be completed later.

For four great character ideas to get started, visit The Simple Parent.


Halloween Kids Crafts Bat T-Shirt

Rubber Stamped Bat T-Shirt

Here’s something a little out of the ordinary! T-Shirt decorating is always popular at craft parties and this easy Halloween themed design will go down a storm.

Although the materials are more specialised, the finished product will be one that stands the test of time.

You could also suggest that your guests bring their own plain t-shirts to the party to save confusion with sizes and fitting.

Find full details or download your bat pattern at Cutesy Crafts.


Kids Halloween Crafts Plate Bats

Bat Plate Craft

This craft can be created completely paint (and glue*) free, which is great if you’re looking for something less messy. It also works well if you’re short of time or coming to the end of the party and don’t want to wait for your craft to dry.

*if you want a completely glue free alternative, search for self-adhesive googly eyes or use double sided sticky tape.

Check out the step by step guide on how to make your bat at Diary of a Working Mom. It comes complete with a handy downloadable bat wing template to make sure your wings match!


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Written by Laura Hills-Leigh

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